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A day that makes the heart more natural and focused

On October 20th, the friends of the CDWK·Design Department, with incomparable enthusiasm and determination to learn, under the leadership of the founder Mr. Pang Hongjing, came to the gallery painting house that sublimated the soul and improved the skills, and visited the painter Zheng Taijun Teacher, meticulously study art and design.

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Su and skill, to and Tao, gain and virtue,

Realm and precepts, order and determination, will and wisdom.

A free walker in the painting world-Zheng Taijun

Painter Profile

Painter Zheng Taijun has been invited to hold solo exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, France, Ukraine, Czech Republic and other places many times.

His works are collected in the National Gallery of Victoria, Fo Guangyuan Art Gallery, Xingyun Cultural and Educational Museum Art Gallery, etc. When improvising on CCTV 3 and Hebei Satellite TV, he moved countless audiences and directors.

When it was exhibited in France in 2017, the large-scale three-dimensional ink on display attracted the attention of local artists and the government. Many French art friends have signed up to learn Chinese ink.

Fasting for painting, walking photography, climbing trees, singing, temple art for many years, walking alone in the desert grassland, and withstood the test of life and death...

His paintings are simple and pure, ethereal and detached.

[Original Scenery of Hometown] Zheng Taijun Ink 72x131cm 2021

[Clouds and Waters/Partial] Zheng Taijun Ink 120x260cm 2021

I used to desperately seek a dream far away

Now come resolutely

Although bitterness is accompanied by beauty

Even if you have gone through mountains and rivers, you will also pass by willows

Facing wind, frost, rain and snow ahead

But I firmly believe that there will be clear skies after the wind and snow

Walk through the clouds and water

Finally back to Datang

Art into life


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