Guangdong CDWK Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


Guangdong CDWK Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: CDWK Group) was established in 2013 with the founder Pang Hongjing. The corporate headquarters is established in Fenggang, Dongguan, Guangdong, China. It is a company dedicated to providing hotels, clubs, public bathrooms, commercial centers, and real estate properties. , Home life and other places, providing high-end smart cleaning product solutions and smart toilet management system is a national high-tech enterprise.


Basic Information

Company Name     Guangdong CDWK Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Founder      Pang Hongjing

Established   year 2013

Industry    Bathroom industry and hotel supplies industry

Type of company    limited liability company

Corporate slogan  More caring

Headquarters address    65 Nanling Road, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China




1. Company Profile

CDWK Group was founded by Mr. Pang Hongjing in 2013 and is headquartered in Fenggang, Dongguan, Guangdong, China. CDWK is a global intelligent manufacturer of public health supplies and hotel supplies. Since its establishment, it has been focusing on product development in public health and hotel rooms. And innovation, CDWK Group takes health and technology as the core of its products, and is committed to providing star-rated hotels, high-end clubs, major airports, parks, commercial centers, real estate properties and other places. Provide high-end smart cleaning products solutions and smart toilet management systems, focusing on providing users around the world with a convenient, healthy and comfortable quality life experience.


Starting from user perception, CDWK Group adheres to the corporate philosophy of "pursuing fashion, health, and free lifestyle", focusing on product design concepts and quality. With the understanding of user needs and the concept of global innovative design, CDWK Group continues to develop technology Update and optimize to enhance user experience. Enterprises start from the core needs of users, with the help of artistic mentality and warm technology. To create each of its products.


CDWK’s industrial park covers an area of about 30,000 square meters and has more than 3,000 agents and distributors. The company has passed ISO9000 quality system certification, China CCC certification and other certifications; it has obtained more than 20 appearance patent certificates and new type patent certificates; Due to the advantages of its own product design and service system, it has repeatedly won the "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise", "Quality Service Integrity AAA Enterprise", "Outstanding Contribution Enterprise Award", "Best Technological Innovation Award", etc. Honor.

2. Development history


》Mr. Pang Hongjing, the founder of CDWK Group, founded the company in Shenzhen;

》Designed and produced its first product-"Hong Kong Bauhinia" public health product series.

》The company expanded production and increased R&D investment. With product appearance and quality advantages, CDWK products entered the domestic market. In the same year, the headquarters moved to Dongguan, Guangdong. In 2006, Dongguan Fenggang CDWK Sanitary Ware Factory was established.

》CDWK China enters the international market and its products are sold abroad;

》Its intelligent manufacturing base covering an area of more than 20 acres has been put into use, with more than 20 branch companies, and has passed the ISO9000 quality system certification.

》There are more than 3,000 agents and distributors under CDWK , and the company has established its own R&D laboratory.

CDWK won the title of National High-tech Enterprise, upgraded from manufacturing to "intelligent manufacturing industry", built smart hotels and smart toilets, and used CDWK products in more than 1,000 airports around the world.

CDWK products won the honor of "Golden Bottle Award" from global hotel suppliers.

》The company is deeply researching smart sensing and IoT technologies to provide users around the world with smart and convenient overall sanitation solutions.

CDWK collectivizes, implement the strategy of subsidiary company and multi-brand development layout.


3, corporate services

1、After-sales service

Three guarantees promise: CDWK’s after-sales service outlets cover the whole country, and users can enjoy the enterprise’s three guarantees service with the product warranty card.

If the product fails within 7 days after the consumer purchases the product, the product can be returned unconditionally.

The product can be replaced if there is a quality problem within 15 days after the consumer purchases the product.

Repair consumers within one year of purchasing the product, if quality problems occur under normal use, free repairs can be made. Products beyond the warranty period will be maintained for life, and accessories and door-to-door service fees will be charged.

2. Installation and maintenance

CDWK has more than 200 service outlets nationwide, evenly distributed throughout the country. The headquarters provides standard service procedures and technical support, and the distributors copy them. In addition to traditional training methods, CDWK also provides diversified, immediate and effective training methods for distributors. With the help of an online technology platform, the latest technological changes can be delivered in real time. The interaction of the discussion group, the real-time mobilization and the awareness of new technologies and new products by the staff of each branch ensure that every problem can be solved on the ground.

In addition, the layout of all outlets adopts a flat management method, and all after-sales outlets can directly connect with the enterprise to ensure the rapid transmission of information and the effective execution of services.


4, its products

1、Public health supplies series

Public health supplies, tissue box series, soap dispenser series (public models), spray dispenser series, hand dryer series, stainless steel series;

2、Hotel supplies series

Hotel supplies, soap dispenser series (room style), hair dryer series, electric kettle series, trash can series, table lamp series, multi-function storage box, hotel tray;

3、Boutique household products series

Fine household products, induction foam machine (family model), tissue box series (family model), toilet brush;

4、Cleaning supplies series

Cleaning supporting consumables, paper towels, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, perfume, essential oil, urinal pancake, toilet seat cushion;

5、Smart toilet products


5, corporate honor

1. Honorary title:

National High-Tech Enterprise

National Technological SMEs

National IS09000 Quality System Certification Enterprise

China CCC certified company

"Golden Bottle Award" for Global Hotel Suppliers


2. Invention patents:

An electric kettle utility model

Folding hair dryer (CD-766)

Adhesive tape connector with self-locking function for liquid bag

Folding hair dryer

A paper towel dispenser

A portable electric fan

An electric fan

Disinfectant dispenser

Disinfectant dispenser

A soap dispenser

A new type of water-gas self-priming fluid mixing integrated foam pump and its application in sanitary ware

A new type of water-air self-priming fluid mixing integrated foam pump

A paper towel rack with adjustable paper outlet in the center

A smart table lamp

A paper towel machine with two-dimensional code scanning function for automatically selling paper towels

Intelligent infrared sensor soap dispenser

A liquid miniature pump head

Hand dryer

Automatic paper towel dispenser


6, corporate culture

Mission: Make people in the world healthier

Corporate Policy Purpose:

Respond quickly and work hard

Implement in place and take the courage to take responsibility

Teamwork, sincere and humble

Entrepreneurship: learn, do, teach

Business philosophy: customer first, both ability and political integrity, leading technology, quality-oriented

our perspective:

Advocate human beings' ultimate pursuit of health, beauty, and technological life

create value for customers

Make employees happy

Our vision:

Create a point of happiness

(Loyalty, filial piety, patriotism, physical and mental health, family harmony)


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