Company Profile

CDWK Group was founded by Mr. Pang Hongjing in 2003 and is headquartered in Fenggang, Dongguan, a famous cultural town for overseas Chinese in Guangdong, China. The brand name is derived from Chinese culture. "Creation" means creation, with user value as the center of innovation, continuously improving user perception experience; "dot" is the origin of happiness, carrying social health responsibility and sincere pursuit of a happy life.

CDWK is the world's leading intelligent manufacturer of public health supplies and hotel supplies. It has focused on public health and hotel guest rooms for 20 years. It is a pioneer in China's sanitation products and is active in more than 130 countries around the world. With health and technology as its core products, CDWK is committed to providing high-quality smart cleaning products solutions and smart toilet management systems for star hotels, high-end clubs, major airports, parks, commercial centers, real estate properties and other places, for global users Provide a more convenient, healthier and more comfortable high-quality life.  

Create the future, always adhering to the user perception, the pursuit of fashion, health and freedom of life, pay attention to product design concepts and quality, relying on the understanding of user needs and global innovative design concepts, the creation of continuous technological updates to enhance user experience feel. Always proceed from the core needs of users, create each product with an artistic mentality and warm technology.

CDWK is the opening of an art of life, a healthy lifestyle, and a happy mindful perception. CDWK people always stick to the real Chinese intellectual manufacturing, and CDWK can perceive your life with your heart!


Life Artist

  • 30000+

    Multi-square meter industrial park

  • 3000+

    Multiple agents and distributors

  • 1000+

    Multiple Global Airport installation

  • 100+

    Multiple appearance patent certificate

  • 20+

    A number of utility model patent certificates

Company Culture

Let the world healthier

  • Our Mission

    Make People In The World Healthier

  • Corporate Positioning

    The world's leading intelligent manufacturer of public health supplies and hotel supplies

  • Corporate Vision

    Create a Happy CDWK

    (Loyalty, Filial Piety, Patriotism, Physical and Mental Health, Family Harmony)

  • Enterprise Spirit

    Learn, Do, Teach

  • Core Value

    Advocate human beings' ultimate pursuit of health, beauty, and technological life

    Create value for customers

    Grow up happily with employees

  • Enterprise Policy

    Respond Quickly, Work Hard, Perform Well, Take Responsibility, Teamwork, Honesty and Humbleness

  • Business Philosophy

    Customer First, Both Ability and Political Integrity, Leading Technology, Quality-oriented

  • Brand Slogan

    Care a Little More

Development Path

  • Future

    Wisdom Builds the Future

    Chuangdian’s unique product supporting solutions have been well received by users, and we will continue to use innovative designs to promote and improve people’s lives!


  • 2022

    Set Sail

    To be number one,

    The world's leading public hygiene wares & hotelSsupplies intelligent manufacturer.


  • 2021

    Climb to The Top

    Wisdom integration, creative point groupization, parent-child and multi-brand development strategy.


  • 2020

    Look at The World

    Chuangdian China joins hands with top international corporate strategic partners to plan Chuangdian's global development blueprint.


  • 2019

    Wisdom Leads

    In-depth research on smart sensing and IoT technologies, leading the smart toilet revolution, and providing smarter and more convenient sanitation solutions for global users.


  • 2017


    Chuangdian products won the honor of "Golden Bottle Award" from global hotel suppliers.


  • 2016

    Smart Iteration

    Chuangdian won the title of National High-tech Enterprise, upgraded from manufacturing to "intelligent manufacturing industry", built smart hotels and smart toilets, and used Chuangdian products in more than 1,000 airports around the world.


  • 2013

    Ten Years of Achievements

    Chuangdian has more than 3,000 agents and distributors all over the world, and its products are exported to more than 130 countries around the world. Chuangdian products have passed the testing and certification of authoritative organizations in many countries, and established laboratories.


  • 2012


    It covers an area of more than 20 acres of intelligent manufacturing base, with 20 branches around the world; and has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.


  • 2010

    Famous in the World

    Chuangdian China stands out among many well-known domestic and foreign brands and becomes the product of choice for the Shanghai World Expo.


  • 2008


    During the Beijing Olympics, Chuangdian products were selected as brands designated by the Organizing Committee and won the reputation of China's famous brands.


  • 2006


    Chuangdian expanded production and increased R&D investment at an annual growth rate of 35%. With novel product appearance and quality, Chuangdian products sold well in the market. Headquarters moved to Dongguan, Guangdong.


  • 2004


    Chuangdian China group Co. was established in Hongkong, and the first product of chuangdian brand - "Hong Kong Bauhinia" public hygiene product series were designed and produced.  


  • 2003

    As The Sun Rises

    The founder of Chuangdian Group, Mr. Pang Hongjing, with the dream of "making people in the world healthier", founded the "Chuangdian Sanitary Ware" brand in Shenzhen.


  • Appearance Patent Certificate

    Appearance Patent Certificate

  • Utility Model Patent Certificate

    Utility Model Patent Certificate

  • Product Test Report

    Product Test Report

  • ISO 9001

    ISO 9001

  • 3C Certification

    3C Certification

  • CE Certification

    CE Certification

  • High-tech Enterprises

    High-tech Enterprises


High-end hotel bathroom appliance production base

Complete quality assurance management system

China's bathroom appliance industry high-end excellent brands

Advanced production, testing equipment and laboratory

Sales network covers the world

Efficient brand service system

More than 30 industry technology

Professional R & D team

Won more than 300 patented technology

More than 3,000 agents and distributors worldwide

Products have passed the national authority certification

  1. Appearance Patent Certificate

    Appearance Patent Certificate

  2. Utility Model Patent Certificate

    Utility Model Patent Certificate

  3. Product Test Report

    Product Test Report

  4. ISO 9001

    ISO 9001

  5. 3C Certification

    3C Certification

  6. CE Certification

    CE Certification

  7. High-tech Enterprises

    High-tech Enterprises

Classic Case

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Some Star Hotels

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  • 鲁南制药集团
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